Our stunning wedding cakes usually come in one, two or tree tier designs, arranged American style (all tiers directly on top of each other) or separated (often using flowers or material between the tiers).

Some of our three tier scroll cakes actually look like they have four tiers, (and the two tiers like three tiers). What looks like another tier on top is actually a cluster of pure chocolate scrolls, to add extra height. Our folds cake is equally tall, with the top 20cm being made up of just pure chocolate.

The complete package prices below include all of the cakes shown in our gallery opposite, except for those marked with a . These cakes require extensive modelling work, crystalized flowers etc. Please call for details and pricing.

This is our famous organic chocolate cake, coated with milk, dark or white chocolate, complete on its own board, in an insulated strong cardboard box, ready for collection.

As a memento, we also supply boxed silver bridal knives, which we will engrave with your names, for a bargain £27.00

Our chocolate cake also makes a fantastic pudding (see Questions? page).

Portions: 30 60 100 140
"Simply Chocolate" price: £60 £90 £140 £190
Complete package price: £190 £230 £290 £360

Portions: 55 80 100 135
"Simply Chocolate" price: £150 £210 £270 £350
Complete package price: £300 £370 £450 £550

Portions: 70 90 110 125 165 200
"Simply Chocolate" price: £210 £270 £310 £350 £450 £500
Complete package price: £390 £480 £550 £600 £730 £800